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Reviving account

2014-07-29 02:56:50 by BagelCollector

When I first started this account I was naiive and a noob at my productions. I can now say that I work as a freelance artist and I plan on promoting my new music to everyone, hopefully. 

ALSO, PROBLEM: I can't deactivate my account and start anew? Really? Even after all these years? Not even an option to change my username? 

If anyone has anything to help with this situation, I would appreciate it... I reallyyyyyyy wanna start fresh.


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2014-07-29 03:50:03

There is an option to change username, PM a member of staff saying you want to change username, and what you want to change it to (ideally, PM Tom or Wade Fulp).

BagelCollector responds:

Ah, I see, thank you much!


2014-07-29 04:48:26

No worries. Also say if you want a redirect, or not. My previous username, TroisNyxEtienne, for instance, redirects users to my current page. Now some choose not to have any redirects -- once they're done with the old username, they're done.

BagelCollector responds:

Looks like it's been changed, thanks again!